Choose CURB-CRETE LLC for Commercial Borders!

Curb-Crete is one of those companies in the Landscaping Summerville SC market that does much more than taking care of your edging and bordering needs. We believe in providing an experience on top of our services so that we can build the kind of relationship with our customers you won’t find elsewhere. Our commercial concrete edging solutions are finely tuned to the needs and preferences of business owners all across the city. Our business model is the result of our commitment to top-notch customer care and innovative concrete solutions. 

concrete garden edging

Commercial landscape edging can add immediate beauty and depth to any place of business. Coupled with modern landscapes, they can create a formidable combination found only in your dreams and imagination. Our solutions are in line with everything you can think of, from traditional to modern, we have all aspects covered. Our approach to commercial landscape edging is founded on our pride in solutions that can last longer and be a source of security for you. And today, that’s precisely what we do; taking your ideas and turning them into reality. 


One of the concerns of business owners is spending their money on things that are real investments rather than one-off expenses. With our concrete edging, you can be sure that you are making a quality investment that can last a lifetime. This is because concrete is a material with top-notch durability and resistance against external damage. We are capable of carrying out various design and aesthetic choices, ensuring no matter what you have planned, it can be cemented into reality. While we have our own creative teams on hand to help plan your landscape, we are always open to your suggestions to help you achieve your dreams. 

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In Landscaping Summerville SC is a place that is known for being filled with residents that can truly appreciate quality landscaping techniques. We help them get closer to their dreams by lending a hand through our expertise and ensuring that their landscapes are a form of a personal statement.

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Landscape borders are perfect when you’re looking to take advantage of the maximum potential of your space. While they help allocate different portions for different purposes, they also add aesthetic appeal to your landscapes. This is especially true with our custom designs and choices, including exclusive color shades and detailing. 

We can integrate any color or shade you want with our landscape borders. Our decorations have precise, intricate detailing that is truly eye-catching, even from a distance. With skilled craftsmanship, we hand carve the curves and the lines, ensuring everything looks like the precise version requested. With our landscape borders, our approach remains the same: to make them attainable in every household. We have structured our solutions on budget-friendly terms letting small and large business owners alike have equal benefits. 

Our experts are incredibly dedicated to the job, prioritizing how well you are treated. They will create your decorations in a very short amount of time and be extra cautious with your property. Your convenience remains the number one priority. We vow to make your time productive and worthwhile! 

Concrete edging
Concrete edging
concrete garden edging