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My name is Ryan and I am the owner Curb-Crete LLC. My employees and I have been installing decorative curbing in the tri county Charleston area since 2003. I take great pride in our work and treat every job as if it were my own. I am at most curbing jobs to ensure you receive a high quality product. Experience I believe is the most important thing when it comes to decorative concrete curbing.

Most people who purchase landscape curbing know they like the style at the house down the street, maybe the pattern next door, and they like red. Other than that, most people think all curbing is the same. It is not, I offer what is called stamped overlay curbing which is  gray concrete underneath and your choice of concrete color that is poured over the top and finished from there. It is very durable almost like an egg shell, but the stamps are much cleaner and the color is more radiant. That is my most popular product.  I do offer integral curbing also which is powder added to the mix and the color is throughout and is less costly. 

As an experienced curber I know good quality curbing from not - if a job was well done, or if some short cuts or compromises were taken.

A low quality curbing job might be attributed to a customer insisting on “the lowest price” or falling for the "we will beat all prices pitch".  But in most cases, it's just because the customer did not know the difference between excellent curbing and what is not, so they just bought based on price.

Concrete curbing is a permanent asset that will be with your home for the life of your home – so quality of workmanship does matter. Matter of fact, you'll forget about a small price difference over time if you get a great job done – but a poor workmanship will never be forgotten.

Stamped Overlay Curbing Process